Hey Chicago, Get a Room!

A glut of hotel rooms in Chicago offers special deals for guests

You can get some deals in this sagging economy, and not just on Chryslers.

Chicago hotels are offering sizable discounts in hopes of filling vacant rooms, the Chicago Tribune reported today.

Hotel occupancy and average daily room rates have posted double-digit percentage drops over the first four months of this year compared with the same time last year, the paper says.

But even as those numbers dip, the supply of rooms in Chicago is going up.

Four new hotels are opening and more rooms are being added to the Trump International Hotel & Tower, meaning 989 more hotel rooms are on the downtown market.

So there are deals available for locals and tourists alike, if you're able to pull it off.

"If you have the confidence to travel, there are bargains to be had all across the board from the top-of-the-line luxury hotels," Chicago hospitality consultant Ted Mandigo tells the Trib. "It gives people that might have traveled to the three-star [hotel] the opportunity to experience the four- and five-star service."

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