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When faced with the challenge of picking a band name T. Thurston, like most, was lost. Flipping through the pages of his notebook he found a side note he had written, "Remember the Magic and the Beauty". It was something of a mantra or maybe just a reminder that no matter where are or what has happened or hasn't happened, you have to remember the "magic and the beauty" of life or music or all that you love and enjoy. So what better way to consistently reminder yourself then to name your band Magical, Beautiful.

A former member of Head of Femur, T. is a veteran of the Chicago music scene. He has played piano for Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, and spent time in a band called Northwest. He has learned something new from each band, and has been creating music on his own for several years now. When performing live, T. gathers a group of like-minded musician to help bring his sound to life. Over the years that has included 14 different individuals, but his line-up tomorrow night will be Charlie Vinz on banjo, bass, and violin; Nick Broste (Shape Shoppe) on organ and trombone; Chris Keener on synth, melodica and vocals; Alance Ward on drums & trumpet. M,B's most recent release was a single called "Right, Rock" which was filled with layered sample, surprising tropical undertones. A 12" Vinyl version of "Right Rock" should be coming out before the end of the year with two new songs on the b-side.

[MP3] Magical, Beautiful - Right Rock

Magical, Beautiful will be performing at The Bottom Lounge with The Donkeys, Tim Lowly, and The Armor Class tomorrow night (9/16). The show starts at 8:00pm and is 21+. Tickets are $7 adv / $10 day of show.

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