Dungen @ The Bottom Lounge, 11/2/08

The crowd was definitely dedicated for the Swedish psych-pop rockers Dungen show last night at The Bottom Lounge. For one, it was a school night, and the relatively young crowd looked like they could have been skimping on some mid-term studies in favor of hitting up the late set by the quartet. Still, it was a joyous group of music fans, seemingly familiar with Dungen's entire back catalog of albums (including their latest album, 4). I still can't wrap my mouth around pronouncing the Swedish lyrics, but the band's simple banter with the crowd was so charming, I nearly blushed. The four-piece worked their way around a solid set of both long psychedelic jams and short pop originals, with astonishingly beautiful projection by lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes, backup vocals and bass by Mattias Gustavsson, superior rhythm guitar work by Reine Fiske, and lovely percussion by new drummer Johan Holmegard. The group plays like a band of brothers, linked telepathically to each other, working in unison to deliver a lovely evening of music. At the end of the night, Gustavsson took his "traditional" photo of the crowd, and we all squeezed together to try to get a hand or eye or elbow in the shot. I have to say, I agree with their declaration to the crowd, "I'm so happy you're here."

(All photos by Kirstie Shanley)







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