Top Ten Most Memorable Emmy Moments

Jon Stewart, 2005

Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” host, Jon Stewart, hosted a pre-taped sketch to address the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, while also poking fun at network censors. The result was a hilarious video of dubbed phrases and images to cover up the harsh critique Stewart has for the government, including a puppy covering his middle finger.

Ellen DeGeneres, 2001

After the attacks of September 11th, the Emmy Awards were postponed twice. Host Ellen DeGeneres gave everyone a well-needed dose of comedy of lines including, '‘they can’t take away our creativity, our striving for excellence, our joy,’’ she said. '‘Only network executives can do that.’’ She also joked, “What would upset the Taliban more than a gay woman wearing a suit in front of a room full of Jews?”

Emmy Idol, 2005

Besides Jon and Ellen, what could beat watching Donald Trump in overalls and a straw hat singing the theme to “Green Acres” alongside Megan Mullally? The Donald held a pitchfork while the two belted out an unmelodic tune in front of a large screen showing Green Acre images. It became a moment Emmy watchers might never forget.

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Conan O’Brien’s opening segment, 2006

It was a jam-packed 15 minutes that included a parody of “Lost,” dropping in on the cast from “The Office,” a conversation with Jack Bauer of “24”and even a “South Park: Trapped in the Closet Parody.” Conan made this opening one of the most memorable in Emmy history.

‘M*A*S*H’ Moment, 1979

Alan Alda couldn’t have been happier when he won an Emmy for writing the episode “Inga” in the sitcom “M*A*S*H.” To show his excitement, he did a spontaneous cartwheel down the aisle on the way to the podium to collect his award!

Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, 2007

When comedians Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Steve Carell share a stage together, there is bound to be funny moments. They didn’t disappoint, when after Ricky Gervais was not present to accept his award for “Extras,” Steve Carell accepted the award on his behalf, resulting in the biggest three-man bear hug in Emmy history!

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Helen Mirren, 2006

Upon winning the Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie prize for HBO’s “Elizabeth I,” British actress Helen Mirren started her acceptance speech with, '‘My great triumph is not falling a** over t*t as I came up those stairs.’’ Somehow, the words got by the censors, and a few minutes later Calista Flockhart and Craig Ferguson repeated it, uncensored as well.

Bob Newhart, 2006

Emmys have always had problems with people going over the time limit on their speeches. To stop this, they put Bob Newhart in a glass booth with exactly three hours of breathable air. If the show were to run long, the winners would supposedly end up suffocating Bob Newhart. The stunt worked and the show actually ended three minutes early.

Kirstie Alley, 1991

The “Cheers” actress surprised the Emmy audience, when upon accepting the award for Best Actress in a Comedy, she thanked her husband Parker Stevenson as, '‘the man who has given me the big one for the last eight years.’’ Shortly after, when Burt Reynolds won best comedy actor for “Evening Shade,” he thanked then wife, Loni Anderson, for giving him '‘two big ones.’’

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