Three Little Pigs: The Dramatic Sequel

Suburban farmer draws on book to fight expansion

In an effort to thwart village plans to build a water tower next to his home, Wargaski has enlisted the help of the pork producers. "These guys should help me with the 'Big Bad Wolf' at Village Hall," Wargaski told the Chicago Tribune about the arrival of the three actually no-so-litle pigs on his Island Lake property. Island Lake officials aren't laughing about impact the animals waste could have on the village's water supply. "What he's doing is threatening to contaminate the water, and that doesn't fit too well with our plans," Island Lake Mayor Tom Hyde told the Tribune. Island Lake officials had filed a nuisance lawsuit against Wargaski about the pig farm. State officials aren't buying Wargaski's pig story. The Agriculture Department gave Wargaski a permit with strict guidelines about staying away from community wells. "The statute is very specific [against] having pig poop in there," Rick Cobb, the deputy division manager of the Division of Public Water Supplies for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, told the Tribune. The final chapter of this story will most likely be written by a judge, who will determine if Island Lake gets their water tower or Wargaski gets to keep his farm. Stay tuned.

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