The Olympics of Beer Pong

Joe's Bar & Grill hosts Spring Beer Olympics Tournament

Remember the college days of hanging our with your buddies and playing beer pong? While we're pretty sure it won't be admitted as an Olympic sport anytime soon, there's no doubt it's a competitive activity for those who like to play.

Throw in some beer pong, some Jerry Springer bodyguards, and you get the first annual Spring Beer Olympics Tournament.

The event, sponsored by, takes place on Thursday night at Joe's Bar & Grill (940 W Weed St.).

Don't expect to see any foul play at this tournament. The security staff for The Jerry Springer Show will be on hand to keep things in order, and Springer's stage manage, Todd Scholtz, will emcee.

Teams from local colleges will vie for $1,300 in cash and exclusive giveaways and prizes.

"This event not only fosters intercollegiate competition -- something that does not occur often among Chicago's premier educational institutions -- but also brings together recent grads, young professionals and anyone looking to take part in this debut annual event," said Alexander Lurie, CEO of

Pre-registration tickets are availabe here ($25 at the door), and includes 2 hours of free beer, a complimentary buffet for the entire evening and $3 you-call-it drinks all night.

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