Slithery, Slimy Worms

See 'em with the kids at… Macy's?

The Macy's Spring Flower Show is underway through Sunday, April 19. This Saturday, April 11, bring the kids along on the weekend shopping trip.  They'll love checking out the wonderful world of worms on the 5th floor children's department while you're shopping for shoes, clothes and Frangos. Staffers from the University of Illinois Extension teach kids about the anatomy of worms (who doesn't love looking at one of these bad boys under a microscope?), the basics of worm composting and more. On a less slimy note, Smurf and Smurfette will be on hand to take photos with the kids, who can participate in face painting, balloon art and craft stations.

Next Saturday, April 18, mark your calendar for another ''Family Fun Day'' where kids can learn all about the world of insects.  It will involve holding live millipedes, Madagascar hissing cockroaches and a tarantula. We're not sure which sounds more intimidating – handling worms or bugs.  But kids will probably dig both.

111 N. State St.

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