Single Sex in the Second City

New Web site promises entertainment hub for Chicago singles

A new Chicago Web site offers a unique take on the issue of sex, dating and being single in the city. Well, at least we're assuming that in the history of mankind -- ever since Adam first sampled Eve's.. umm.. apple -- that there's anything unique still to be said about hooking up and bumping uglies.

But is giving it a shot, launching a Web site that bills itself as a "one-of-a-kind entertainment hub for singles in Chicago."

The site offers user-submitted local dating disaster stories, offbeat pickup lines, a kissing dictionary, and a calendar of single-friendly events -- in other words, the types of places where you have a pretty good chance of hooking up.

The dating disasters include stories like the couple who had to run from the cops after getting caught doing the nasty behind an alley dumpster, a freshman hooking up with a teacher's assistant and the awkward moment when a 12 pack of Trojans fell out of some poor sap's coat pocket on a second date. Guess who didn't get any that night?

Sure, we've all had our fair share of dating disasters, but isn't always a lot more fun laughing at someone else's expense?

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