Send Your Man a Pantygram

Valentine’s Day shopping just got a whole lot easier


Sometimes guys just don’t get it.

Those subtle hints that you keep sending him telepathically that you are falling for him just aren't cuttin’ it ladies. So get right to the point this Valentine’s Day and drop him a pair of panties in the mail to him.
That’s right, a man doesn’t think twice about getting flowers, chocolate or candy for V Day; to him, it’s a Hallmark holiday he would rather pretend didn’t exist. But he might change his mind when you send him your underwear in the mail.
It’s called the Pantygram.
Debbie Augustine, founder of, started the company because she was inspired by a pair of panties she mailed to a boyfriend 20 years ago. When Augustine ran into the guy years later, he was still raving about the experience, so she decided to turn her concept into a thriving business.
The process is simple.Place your order from the Web site and for $24.95, your dude gets the panties in a discreet package with a note attached that directs the man to a web page. Once on the web site, he enters the verification code and gains access to a private, often suggestive message that you can create.
Yes, we would imagine if you are bold enough to send a pair of red lacy panties in the mail, you’d probably have something suggestive to say along with it. But if you can’t come up with something on your own, never fear; Pantygram’s got you covered. Browse the web site’s sample messages to get some inspiration.
Now, you’re off the hook. And we’re betting he might even be inspired to celebrate this Hallmark holiday after all.
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