Say Goodbye. Colts' Former Home Comes Down Saturday

About 1,000 pounds of dynamite will explode Saturday morning, bringing down the Indianapolis Colts' former home.

About 800 holes have been drilled into the 24-year-old RCA Dome for a planned implosion that will make way for the expansion of the Indiana Convention Center, the Indianapolis Star reported.

In the 25-second blast, the north and south sections of the stadium will fall first, followed by the east and west sections. The stadium's four corners will crumble last.

Police will sweep the safety perimeter before the implosion to make sure no unauthorized people are watching from the roofs and windows of nearby buildings.

"This is not something we can get the public up close to see," building authority member John Mutz said. "This is an important and exciting event, but watch it from home."

The stadium, originally called the Hoosier Dome, was completed in 1984 in a style similar to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis and BC Place Stadium in Vancouver.

RCA won the naming rights to the stadium in 1994.

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