Just Shoe-t Me

New Dior heels designed in image of West African fertility figure

Okay, so while we are all for incorporating a little bit of foreign influence in fashion, something about the pair of Dior Fertility Heels feels a wee bit ... offensive? A crime? Both? Ya, that sounds about right.

The Senufo fertility figure, a revered form in traditional West African ceremonies, was taken out of its original context -- a shrine -- then molded, re-cast in brass, and glued to the heel of a zebra print sandal for skinny starlets to wear to an event in the hopes of being discovered by a hot producer.

Makes you wish you knew some real voodoo to exorcise the stupid out of designers. And as for all those bamboozled into buying these shoes -- yes, they make you look fat.

Shlomi Rabi is a member of the NBC Chicago Street Team.

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