Irish Eyes Shine Upon Us

What a weekend around Chicago, and what a day we have in store for us on this glorious Tuesday. (Yes, Tuesday's can be glorious sometimes) Let's catch everyone up on what's gone down...

Check out these photos of us at the South Side Irish Parade.

-Nice day Saturday, the city was alive with people happy to escape their condos, apartments, houses (or just the suburbs in general). Bars were full, floats strolled down Columbus, fun was had

-Sunday: gorgeous! Some managed to get a bit of a sunburn in 55 degree weather. South Side Irish Parade had nearly 350,000 "spectators" (most were paying attention, others were distracted a bit). Still a fun atmosphere mixed with vibrance and family fun.

...Today, with 70+ degree temps, people will be out and about, reminded why we should never take this city for granted. Sometimes, we just get absolutely perfect days.

**Potholes, everywhere. Be forewarned that crews will be on the expressways trying to take advantage of the weather and you should expect the unexpected delays between 9am and 3pm. Look for the story this morning that Kim Vatis (and her neon vest) brought you on why the city will struggle to fill potholes throughout the spring.

**Light morning commute today, wonder why?

**When you look at the photos from above, keep in mind, in 1981 the first year it was on Western Avenue, then-Mayor Jane Byrne closed only one lane of the street for the floats. Traffic whizzed by with no police to protect parade-goers. A lot has changed.

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