Installation Begins On World's Largest HD Screen

Displays at new Cowboys stadium to hold 36 million LEDs, display true 1080 HD.

Construction crews at the Cowboys new stadium in Arlington, Texas hung the massive 1.2 million pound HD display this week.

The display, the world's largest, stretches roughly 60 yards and is about 10 stories tall.  The surface of the screens cover nearly 11,400 square feet.  Crews describe the steel structure that will hold the screens as an entire building suspended from within a building.

The huge display is hung on the cross-beams between two arches that span 1,290 feet, more than twice the  length of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Each side of the display contains over 10.5 million LEDs and are capable of displaying HDTV at 1080p x 1920 resolution.

The end zone dispays are nearly 30 feet tall by 50 feet wide and are capable of displaying HDTV at 1080i x 1920 resolution using nearly two million LEDs.

The scoreboard hangs 90 feet above the surface of what will soon be a football field.  Officials said they tested the height of the display board against NFL punters who were able to hit a height of 85 feet  -- but just barely when punting straight up into the air.

The fascia displays, uppler level and ring of honor, contain an additional 5.4 million LED lights.  The ring of honor will have 1.4 million LEDs on a 3 foot 6 inch display that spans 836 linear feet.  The uppler level display, similar to what encircles American Airlines Center in Dallas, will have 4 million LEDs on a 4 foot tall screen stretching nearly 2,000 linear feet.

The size of the end zone plaza displays has not yet been determined, but they are estimated to have an additional 1.5 million LEDs.

With a total of 36 million LEDs, the new stadium is the holder of the world's largest single video display order, as well has having the world's largest LED display and the first NFL stadium  to have a true 1080p display.

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