Find Your Holiday Hotness

Improve the look, pronto

It’s that time of year when we're forced to reconnect with old family and friends, attend a helluva lot of holiday parties, and take flack from your relatives that “yes, you are still single.” Simply put, it’s the time of the year when looking your best just might benefit you in more ways that one. Here's four ways to get yourself smokin’ at the last minute.

Silk peel: Your grimy skin is suddenly glowing with the Silk Peel, a facial which uses a wet abrasion to exfoliate while simultaneously infusing  topical solution specific for your skin. After an hour spent with skin guru Leah Chavie who performs the brilliant Silk Peel process, we felt like a new (glowing) person. And without redness. Celebrity-approved, we’re sure.
Ortanic: Get a custom just-back-from-the-beach glow with an all-natural airbrush tan from Ortanic. Housed inside the Equinox Spa in Lincoln Park, you can pop in for your appointment looking pale as can be and 20 minutes later leave with a bronzed glow that says Cabo. Nothing says refreshed and hot like a little color (especially when it’s the safe kind of tan).
Outlashe Eyelash Extensions: Give peepers a boost with a little love from Outlash Eye Extensions. The process involves attaching synthetic fibers to natural lashes for a come-hither look that’s semi-permanent. The cat calls will surely ensue. Or at least you can bat your eyes more effectively at your co-workers during the company holiday party and pretend you’re interested in whatever they're blabbing about.  
Blueprint cleanse: We may have already put on a few holiday pounds, but we’re confident that three days on the Blueprint Cleanse will get us back in tip-top shape. The juice cleanse is available for a quick pick up at Exhale Spa. Hey, maybe we’ll even squeeze in a core fusion session while we’re there and torch a few last minute calories.  And if you don’t have the time in our packed schedule for a freaking juice cleanse (hence why you're in a rush to look your best), you can try it for one day instead of three.
A one-day rejuvenation -- now that sounds doable.  
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