“Hey Joseph…!”

Alright, so I realize to some we've beaten to death this play. But there were two original intentions for it. One was to raise money for Autism Speaks, and we did that. Andy Avalos and I are proud to say we helped bring in thousands of dollars for a great cause. I didn't realize that 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with Autism. That's 1 in 94 boys and a child every 20 minutes. Think about that! 20 minutes. Every other report I do, another child is stricken with this disease. So we were able to help out and I'm very proud of that.

Second was to look like jackasses on stage and have a good time. We did the latter but we held our own on stage. I haven't been that nervous waiting to enter Stage Right since I first flew in Sky 5, and that was almost 3 years ago now. I went out and sang and I loved it.

More pics are coming, we'll show those to you on the air, but you got it. We're wearing skirts! What was underneath it will have to remain a mystery, but I took lots of precaution. I kinda had to if I was going to dance on and off stage. We'll get to Joseph (and his workout plan) in just a second, but the cast and crew were top notch. The production staff was great, the kids were just flat out awesome. Those are long hours for kids to be working. They hung in there with a ton of energy. I was very impressed with the Avalos family. All have talent.

My father thought it might be a good idea if Andy used his patented "10 Rules For Dating My Daughter" for his little one. Just sayin'. , it deflected idiots from my sister between 1996-2007, when she got married to a man who has no fear, so there you go!

Most impressive was James Javier. His first lead role, our Joseph had a wonderful voice and an inner calm that I've never seen in a newsroom. Sure he was nervous, but never showed it. He got choked up the final time out there, but he was fantastic. Plus, I mean, ladies, he's obviously in good shape. So if you want to know more about his talents, check out his site. (And to all the cougars on the prowl, yes, there are more photos)

**As they say in the business...the show must go on! So my attention turns to Wednesday night, when Rob Elgas and I emcee the Summer Sizzlin’ Soulmate Search at Harry Caray's Tavern. Guys! The ladies have sold out but there's room for you to participate. Just 10 bucks and sign up here! If we have a match, you win a date on the town! All for 10 bucks. Totally worth it. Plus, ladies, Rob Elgas is going to be there! Simple. You have to go!

**I'm attempting to grow a goatee. I thought I'd hide it with my glasses today. Turns out the lack of strong facial hair did all the hiding. You probably couldn't tell, but maybe I'll try it tomorrow. Or maybe I'll take a shot in August when I leave town for a week. Maybe then I'll be able to push past the fuzz stage. You probably couldn't tell I got a haircut this weekend too. See, I'm gone for two days and no one pays attention. (haha)

**Righthand Man Jim was in Sky 5 today and he reminded me that we have the deepest stable of musically informed chopper reporters possibly in all of America. Mr. Ryan enjoyed the Pitchfork Festival and said it's "the best run festival in the city." That's a big statement with all the festivals around town. On the contrary, the Sheffield Garden Fest was very crowded, apparently too crowded. It prompted Jim to bail early. I just hope he heard "Send Me On My Way" or it was a total lost cause!

**Walter Cronkite died on Friday night. Man that "In Memorium" list is just getting crazier!

**Lastly, I saw this in the Indianapolis Star today. Suburban Commuters take notice of this article. Those long freight trains have to go somewhere!


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