He's older than I thought

**Rob celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday, so the age jokes were flying off the wall

"Hey Rob, now you can throw away that fake ID and get alcohol legally"
"So will you vote in the Congressional Election in April now?"
"Now he won't have as much trouble trying to rent a car"

...I wonder what it's going to be like when he turns 40 or even 50. I mean even on the occasional rarity he looks younger than I do! (That's tough to do since I look like I'm 15 when I get rid of all the mousse and hairspray). Regardless, it was a fun celebration on the show. His mom and brother (assistant coach for the postseason-bound Evansville Purple Aces) were a riot. Glad to have them on.

I hope when my birthday rolls around that Rob's mom calls the show and surprises me too! It's only fair.

**Chat with Matt has been very educational so far. The anchors are addicted to it to the point where Morning Show Boss Wendy asked me "I thought it was Chat with MATT!?" Everyone's chimed in so far, even my own mother who clearly has too much time on her hands in the morning.

**Dance Friday took a different turn today. The Control Room went with Beck's "Devil's Haircut" since we were shaving heads for St. Baldricks. After our veteran stagehand BW got his noggin buzzed, Andy decided to take all the hair and put it on his head, ala Don King. If you saw this you might have had the same reaction if you were getting your little ones ready for school..."Kids, don't put someone else's hair on your own head. Although, it's pretty funny."

That's why I love Andy. Sometimes, I have no idea where he's going to take something. Back to the dancing, the song was a good choice in my eyes. A lil slow, but Dancing Upstart Cassidy and Righthand Man Jim had a good time with me. (No, Cassidy and I did not plan the purple outfits)

**Parking Meter Update: The meters continue to fluctuate in price. I'm not kidding. I'll fill it at 8am in the West Loop = $1 per hour, when I head back to re-fill it at 10am = $2 an hour. I have no clue what to expect everytime I go out there, so make sure you have the maximum in quarters everytime. (and yes, someone still owes me money for infractions I'm not paying for! I'll keep you posted)

**Have a good weekend everyone, we'll be at both parades this weekend. I'll be on the NBC 5 float on Sunday on Western Avenue. I've never been to the South Side Irish Parade, so I'm looking forward to it. Be safe out there, cops will be looking to nab drunk drivers for sure this weekend. So don't be one of them.

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