Gordon, Bulls Heading For Showdown

Shooting guard's pros and cons under scrutiny in coming weeks

A season ago, the Bulls took a shot at signing both Ben Gordon and Luol Deng to long-term deals.  At the time, both guys said "thanks, but no thanks," believing there was more money out there for them in free agency. 

Both were wrong and Luol Deng came to his senses this off-season, fleecing the Bulls, er, I mean, re-signing with the Bulls for 6 years, $71 million.  Ben Gordon, on the other hand, inked a one-year deal, with an eye on free agency this off-season.  Very soon the impact of that decision will be felt.

Anyone who follows basketball understands Ben Gordon's shortcomings as an NBA player.  He's a bit on the small side (the Bulls list him at 6'3".  This is being optimistic), can't always create his own shot and defensively he's not exactly a lockdown guy.

But man can he shoot.  In fact, Gordon has led the Bulls in scoring every season since his rookie campaign and he's well on his way to doing it again, averaging 20.9 points a game on 46% shooting thus far.  The aforementioned Deng, by the way, is shooting a career-low 43% and is putting up 14.1 points a contest.

Yet virtually no one expects Gordon to be in a Bulls uniform next season when his current one-year deal worth $6.4 million expires.  In fact, it would come as no surprise if the guard-heavy Bulls entertained offers for him leading up to the trade deadline.  

This weekend, Ben Gordon appeared on NBC Chicago's "Sports Sunday: The Post-Game Show" and discussed his future with the Bulls...

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