Weekend Web: Free Gold Scales, Gadget Grrl, Tiny HD cameras

Saturday: Now consumers can know exactly what their gold is worth before sending it off in the mail thanks to FreeGoldScale.com.

"We believe people deserve more than the typical practice of our competitors,”  Joseph Fox, co-founder of Chicago Commodities Exchange, Inc., told the Web Guys. “These other cash-for-gold companies expect you to put your gold in the mail without knowing its value or telling you upfront what they will pay the a potential consumer.”  

Fox showed Art Norman and Charlie Wojciechowski a free digital scale that customers can use to weigh their items, calculate in real-time the price of gold online, and then consumers have the option of waiting for a check to arrive within 24 hours.  In addition, FreeGoldScale provides free FedEx shipping insured up to $1,000.

Sunday: Diana Forbes, better known by many techno-geeks as “Gadget Grrl,” (”grrl” is not a typo) regularly appears on TV in Los Angeles but she likes hanging-out in her native home of Chicago with the Web Guys.  

She got her start in media as a standup comedian at Second City, but today she is a respected person who tests gadgets, gizmos, and wacky hi-tech products.  She showed tiny little projector that allows you to project up to 50”, a Pink Flare cell phone that sells for $29.99 with $5.00 going towards Breast Cancer Research, a tiny HD video camera about the size of your thumb.





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