Flirty Chair Laybacks

Flirty Girl Fitness Tips

Who knew your kitchen chair was more than just for sitting -with a little flirty creativity and imagination it can become a powerful fitness tool as well as the perfect prop for sexy poses and moves. As long as your chair has no arms and a sturdy back it can be used for a variety of flirty exercises. The layback is an awesome ab strengthener as well as a luxurious abdominal and neck stretch. The bonus is that this move makes everyone look long, lean and sexy. Keep your hair down for this one!

  • Begin seated on the side of your chair, your booty placed close to the side edge, your right hand gripping the top of the chair back, your left hand gripping the front of the seat for stability. Your left leg is straight, your right leg is slightly bent with minimal pressure on your right toe. Your back is straight.
  • Using only your abs, curve your back and slowly start to lean backwards. Your eyes should remain on a focal point, keeping your neck stable. Your right hand remains on the chair back for stability.
  • As your back comes into contact with the chair, slowly uncurl, vertebrae by vertebrae. Keep your abs engaged the entire time. When your back is completely on the chair carefully let your shoulders and head drop, letting your hair fall to the floor, fully straightening your left leg.
  • Enjoy the full stretch through your abs and neck, as well the super sexy pose that elongates your body.
  • To come back up re-engage your abdominal muscles and, using your right arm for stability, slowly pull yourself upright, leading with your chest, your head being the last to come up. This must be done slowly to avoid straining your neck. If you experience any dizziness be sure to slow the movement down and not come up so quickly.
  • Repeat 5 times on each side for full effect.
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