Jee Vice Sassy White Sunglasses

Shades with a little attitude

Hunny Boutique

MIAMI VICE: Forget tortoiseshell sunglasses for awhile and strap on these puppies; the Jee Vice Sassy White sunglasses are white frames with red trim and polycarbonate lenses. Now on sale for $75. Available at Hunny Boutique.

POP GOES THE WEASEL: Diamonds are overrated. Take a more animated approach to jewelry with the playful Ambush “POP” ring in metallic orange. Get it at RSVP Gallery.
CLEAN CUT: Get rid of that five o’clock shadow without throwing money down the drain at State Street Barbers – they’re offering $10 off Hot Lather Shaves for first time customers on Mondays through Nov. 16. ($30 instead of $40).
MORE FOR LESS: Save as much as 40 percent off fall styles (and all those coveted but pricey brands) at Cusp. We found this hand-knotted green scarf for a mere 58 bucks. Get it here.
ALL DRESSED IN WHITE: Shopping for a white dress? Save a few bucks by bringing in a bag of nonperishable food to White Chicago during November or December and receive 25 percent off any Lori London custom veil.
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