Stardust Nightclub Moving to Chicago

Downers Grove hot spot Stardust moving to Chicago

Suburban club-goers will be disappointed to hear that Downers Grove mega-club Stardust is closing its doors and headed to Chicago.

According to an email sent from the club Thursday night, the new Chicago space will have its grand opening on June 6, but did not say where it will be located.

"We really like the 4 a.m. liquor license compared to Downers Grove's 12:30 a.m. last call," the email read.

Stardust -- owned by Indian pop singer and promoter Reggie Benjamin -- was initially located in Chicago in the 1990s on Halsted, where Rednofive currently resides.

The 14,000 square foot Downer's Grove location opened last October, and houses a boutique, lounge and a nightclub with room for a main dance area, VIP room and a murder mystery dinner theatre, each with its own large bar area.

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