Put a Shirtin' On ‘Em: E-Store Hawks Custom Button-Downs

Stand apart from the crowd without parting crowds

Customizing your clothes is a surefire way to get attention, but c'mon: does your polo really need yet another popped collar? Stand apart from the crowd without parting crowds, with recently launched custom shirtmaker Deo Veritas.

Chicago's latest online tailor, DeoVeritas is to customized dress shirts what Nike is to customized sneakers.  Simply select your standard options (color, cut, length, etc) plus your favorite details (inside color, collar width, buttons, monogramming, patterns, etc) and revel in owning a uniquely designed shirt that also has the benefit of not being an Ed Hardy. 

Prices are in the upper modest range ($75-$125), and DeoVeritas will mail your customized package 10 days after ordering.

Order now at DeoVeritas.com.

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