Cuckoo for Koko

New vintage store Kokorokoko celebrates the '80s, '90s and even the '00s

Ukie Village just got a(nother) dose of hipster cool, this time of the "vintage" variety. While it seems somehow wrong to refer to '80s and '90s fashions as vintage, Kokorokoko, a fun-loving, tongue-in-chic resale shop specializing in clothes and accessories from those bygone eras, revels in it. And with designers repeatedly referencing those heydays (think neon colors, leggings, etc.), this is a store that's time has come.

Sift through such stellar finds as Body Glove surfer-boy T-shirts, curious accessories and fabulous footwear, as well as designer pieces from the likes of Fendi, Anna Sui, Issey Miyake and Anne Klein. Kokorokoko owners Sasha Hodges and Ross Kelly also carry new designs by up-and-coming artists, such as purses and accessories from Kristena Witherspoon, hand-printed T-shirts and scarves from Kiyomi Kimble and recycled fabric handbags from Danny Volk.

Kokorokoko, 1112 N. Ashland Ave., 773-252-6996

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