Big Laughs From Kookaburra Trio At Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicks living up to their name

If  you need a laugh this weekend, Lincoln Park Zoo is providing a lot of them. It's all courtesy of the kookaburra trio playing at the McCormick Bird House.

But they're not a comedy troupe. This group consists of some funny little chicks -- who provide laughs are free.

The yet-to-be named kookaburra chicks hatched in April and are starting to talk, uh, laugh -- a lot. Living up to their namesake, the family members have begun chuckling "koo koo koo kaa kaa kaa" together.  Look out Jonas Brothers.

The fledged chicks are the first for an adult pair that has been at the zoo since 2003. Laughing kookaburras are native to Australia and are members of the kingfisher family. Unlike humans, they are known to bond as couples for life.

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