Beastie Boys' Replacement: Yeah Yeah Who?

Lineup changed after Beastie Boy diagnosed with cancer.

We really can't blame Lollapalooza officials for this one. Replacing a headlining act a couple of weeks before the big show can't be an easy thing to do, but that's exactly the hand they were forced when the Beastie Boys canceled their tour dates after Adam Yauch announced Monday that he was diagnosed with cancer.

On Tuesday, Lollapalooza officials announced that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs would replace the Beastie Boys on the Budweiser stage on Saturday night. The New York City trio has garnered a loyal following since first bursting onto the scene in 2003, but the Beasties they are not.

So what if you bought a Saturday pass specifically to see the Beastie Boys? No word from Lollapalooza yet on whether refunds are in order for those who want them.

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