A Perfect Tan Minus the Orange Hands

Ortanic procedure offers perfect golden glow

We have a new crush, and we're ready to tell all. Who doesn't want to obtain that perfect golden glow, which can be a difficult proposition in a city like Chicago. Now there's a new product on the market that might, quite literally, change your bronzing habits forever.

It's called Ortanic, and it's nothing short of amazing. We've tried Mystic Tan in the past and ended up looking less-than glowing and more like macaroni and cheese. We've tried self tanners and spent many nights lathering ourselves with different lotions to come to determine which one is the top runner, followed by many days walking around with different colors stained on our skin.

But Ortanic is a customized airbrush tan that turns you the most beautiful, natural color -- even for the lightest (or darkest) of skin. The process begins when you walk into the spa at Equinox in Lincoln Park. First timers are asked to fill out a form that gives the airbrush specialist an idea of your skin type. From there, you step into a room, strip down to your skivvies (ah yes, no shame) and let the airbrush artist mix your customized tanning "cocktail."

Then, you stand there and get your glow on while a specialist sprays you tan. Not only is the result not some putrid orange, but your hands and feet look normal (which is an impossible accomplishment in a Mystic booth), and even though the solution contains a bronzing agent, it doesn't come off on everything you touch. It also smells SO much better than the usual tanning agents do.

The tan remains for almost a week. Even people who take a lot of hot showers and work out a lot -- things that are supposed to shorten the life of the tan -- will be floored at how long it lasts. A week after the procedure we were still sporting a tiny tan line.

So go ahead and just do it. Tell them we sent you, just don't steal our tanning cocktail. Get your own.

Ortanic tans cost $35 for your first visit, but different price packages are available.

Kim Peiffer is a contributing writer for CheekyChicago.com.

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