We're Having a Good Hair Year

Chicago is 11th Best Hair City

Chicago gets called a lot of things.  Most stressful city.  Third most caffeinated city. But this might be one of our most unusual titles yet. 11th Best Hair City, as decreed by totalbeauty.com. 

Really?  Eleventh-best?  Not even in the top 10? Why even mention us at all?  I guess being the third largest metropolis in the country pretty much guarantees you're going to get looped into just about any poll these web sites dream up, but still.

This is what they say about our fair city: ''Chicago has a young population with an average age of 22, plus an unusually high number of beauty salons per capita. So despite its wind and low temperatures (which can dry out hair), the odds are strongly in your favor here to have great hair.''

So we're young and have a lot of salons, but we will be a little wind-tossed and dried out.  Sounds sexy enough to us.  The top three cities are Santa Barbara, Honolulu and San Diego, in that order. Sounds like you need to have a slightly more appealing climate year ‘round in order to get a higher ranking.  Although Anchorage, Alaska is No. 4. Seriously? Sorry, but we'll take our 11th place ranking and decent weather half of the year over the second-coldest city in the country. 

And we'd make a governor joke, except we seem to have our own share of issues in that category, too, so we won't go there.

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