A Friday Escape By the Lake

Wave restaurant offers Caiparinha Bar

While most people have trouble saying it, most don't have a problem drinking a caipirinha -- a Brazilian cocktail gaining popularity in Stateside posh lounges and restaurants.

Several spots around the city offer this exotic drink, but Wave Restaurant in the W Chicago - Lakeshore is taking it to another level with its Friday night Caiparinha Bar.

A traditional caipirinha is made with rum, fresh lime and sugar, but Wave's bar adds an extra kick with fresh fruit and herbs.

The "Escape by the Lake" event kicks off at 5 p.m. and features DJs, small bites for $4 and Leblon Cachaca Caiparinhas for $8.

And if you had problems saying "caipirinha" when you arrived, just wait until you get a couple in your system.

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