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Stonework is the cornerstone to any stylish home. Whether you want an exquisite kitchen or a beautiful bathroom, having stunning, high-quality stone countertops throughout your house or apartment truly makes a statement.

But how do you select the right stone at the right price for your home and its décor, and how do you ensure it fits the dimensions of your living spaces?

Thankfully, one Chicagoland company has become the premier, one stop shop for homeowners who want to redecorate with custom stone countertops. Located in Elk Grove Village, Precision Stone Design offers everything from in-house inventory to custom design and fabrication to installation, and brings 35 years of combined experience to guiding clients through the process of elevating their home’s stonework.

The key to the Precision Stone Design experience is individual care combined with state-of-the-art technology. By working with your own project manager, you’ll have someone holding your hand through every step of the process, while design and visualization software allows their experts to help you customize your project before a single stone has been cut.

Stone Selection
The custom countertop process begins in Precision Stone Design’s showroom and warehouse, where design experts will help you select the right color and type of stone for your kitchen, bathroom or other living space. With hundreds of surfaces to choose from—granite to marble, quartz to quartzite and more — you’ll be able to find a countertop to compliment your home’s style, right down to matching the color of your cabinets and finding and coordinating backsplash and floor tiles. 

Custom Digital Measurement
The next step is calculating the dimensions of the living space you’ll be redecorating with custom stone countertops. To do so, the Template Department will schedule a job-site visit in which they will capture the exact measurements of your countertop areas. By using their Laser Templating system, the Precision Stone Design team is able to achieve measurement accuracies unmatched by traditional methods. 

Vein Matching Software
Following the field measurements, it’s time to collaborate with the CAD Department, whose digital team will produce a complete 3D visual rendering of your project. After overlaying field measurements with Hi-Res photos of your selected stone slabs, design associates use state-of-the-art Vein Matching software to match seams and veins, thus allowing you to see (rather than imagine) your entire project laid out.

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CNC Fabrication
Once you’ve approved the layout of your project, it’s time to get your stone cut. Enter the automated CNC Water-Jet and Bridge Saw, a fully-automated piece of technology which alternates between cutting with a blade to piercing with a water-jet. Edge details are delivered by The Titan, a CNC router that uses diamond tools to deliver the edge profile you’ve selected. 

Finally, the Precision Stone Design team will install your finished product in your home, even handling plumbing services for a seamless experience. 

By customizing per client needs and having full control over the entire production process, Precision Stone Design guarantees both a quality product and a prompt delivery timeline. The result? Happy clients who rave about Precision Stone Design’s attention to detail, superior product and unrivaled customer service. It’s why Precision Stone Design has a 5 Star Rating on Facebook, a 4.5 Star Rating on Houzz and over 130 positive reviews on Google

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