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Norwegians Use 'Texas' as Slang for 'Crazy'



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    The Texas flag.

    Norwegians have coined a new, bizarre slang practice — replacing the word "crazy" with "Texas." The phrase "helt Texas" means totally crazy or chaotic to Norwegians.

    Some believe the trend started in the 1970s with a rise in Hollywood cowboy movies but it seems to have been fully embraced in 2015.

    A commercial for a Norwegian Pizza Restaurant uses a country-style song to promote its "crazy" deals.

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    A Norwegian Reddit user painted a picture of the image people in the country imagine when they use "helt Texas'"

    "It's basically an idiom at this point," the user wrote. "When I think of the word I picture a cowboy crashing a party and shooting two revolvers into the air. 'It's completely Texas!'"

    Here’s a list of 10 other states names that could be used as slang words.

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    1. Connecticut: Boring. Example: "My biology class was so Connecticut this morning, I almost fell asleep."

    2. Colorado: Stoner. Example: "I was such a Colorado and smoked so much before the show, I thought I was floating."

    3. California: Fake. Example: "This girl was being so California and talking about me behind my back."

    4. Wisconsin: Cheesy. Example: "Mom, stop with the inspirational quotes on Instagram! They are so Wisconsin, it hurts."

    5. Virginia: Old. Example: "Ugh, my car is from 1984. It's so Virginia, it barely runs."

    6. New York: Tough. Example: "I couldn't answer that 'Jeopardy!' question; it was totally New York."

    7. Massachusetts: Rude person. Example: "Someone cut me off this morning on my way to work and I just wanted to scream: "'You're being a huge Massachusetts you know!'"

    8. Hawaii: Far. Example: "The nearest Costco is an hour away from my house. How Hawaii, right?"

    9. Montana: Beautiful. Example: "I have a huge crush on her; she is smart and so Montana."

    10. Rhode Island: Small. Example: "The studio apartment I am renting is the most Rhode Island. I can barely move around."

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