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12-foot Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce skeletons fill a blank space in Indiana yard: ‘We're big fans'

The Halloween display features two 12-foot-tall skeletons dressed as Swift and Kelce

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After a cruel summer, Swifties in Indiana are preparing for fall with a Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Skeleton Version) Halloween display.

Michal Owens is known to create elaborate Halloween yard displays outside her Zionsville home. This year, she decided she couldn't shake off the chance to commemorate Swift mania with a tribute to the "Karma" singer in her lover era.

"I'm a big Swiftie, we're big fans. Every year, we try to do something funny, kind of pop culture-related. So, this year, we figured what's bigger than Taylor Swift?" Owens told NBC affiliate WTHR.

The display features two 12-foot-tall skeletons and three small skeletons holding a "Swift 2024" flag.

The larger-than-life "Sk-aylor Swift" skeleton is decorated in a blond wig with bangs and a bejeweled blue dress, a nod to Swift’s album “1989,” known as the "blue album." Swift is remaking each of her albums in an effort to own the master rights to all of her music. The “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” album remake is set to be released Oct. 27.

The Kelce skeleton is wearing a homemade Kansas City Chiefs jersey and donning a mustache.

Owens said the original plan was to just feature Swift in a dress with a “Swift 2024” flag.

"I kind of had a feeling I was going to end up making a Travis Kelce jersey, but I waited. After it blew up, I knew I had to make it," Owens said.

Owens' display has attracted visitors from the community and beyond.

"We're on a busy road, and so we've had a lot of honking and slowing down. We try to tell people to pull in the [driveway] to get a picture because we don't want anyone to cause a traffic issue," Owens said.

While the pop star and NFL player have yet to confirm they are dating, Swift and Kelce’s potential romance was first rumored after the two-time Super Bowl champion said he attempted to give Swift his phone number when her Eras Tour made a stop in Kansas City on July 7.

Swift was later spotted at Kelce’s game at Arrowhead Stadium Sept. 24. She then attended Kelce’s game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

In previous years, the Owens family Halloween displays included skeletons taking a selfie and skeletons participating in the viral milk carton challenge, WTHR reports.

Taylor Swift was in attendance at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears. Is there a relationship brewing between Swift and the Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce?
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