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Best Picture? See All Oscar's Favorites Today

AMC Best Picture Showcase Saturday



    Best Picture? See All Oscar's Favorites Today
    Slumdog Millioniare is just one of the five movies you can catch in one sitting on Feb. 21.

    If you're one of those people who scramble to see all of the Oscars Best Picture nominees before the big show, now's your chance to do it all at once.

    All of the movies will be shown back-to-back Saturday at the AMC Best Picture Showcase.

    The Oscar nominees this year for Best Picture are: "Milk,""The Reader,""The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,""Slumdog Millionaire," and "Frost/Nixon."  The films will be shown back-to-back in one dedicated auditorium at several AMC Theatres in the Chicago area and nationwide.

    The all-day pass costs $30 and includes a large popcorn with unlimited refills, and a collectible lanyard that features artwork from the nominated movies and allows the guests to come and go throughout the event as they please.

    Advance ticket sales for the event have been available since January 30, and are available through the AMC Theatres website, at the box office, or at the Guest Services desk at any theatre hosting the event. Seating is limited.