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Blagojevich to Speak Without Sense of Irony on Trust Panel



    Because ad men have an intimate relationship with trusthworthiness, an upcoming Advertising Week panel in New York City will include none other than Illinois' own wizard of verisimilitude, Rod Blagojevich.

    And also some guy from Facebook, because they're a paragon of reliability, too.

    The Ad Week website says Blagojevich, who was convicted last month of lying to the FBI, will discuss the former governor's "unique take on trust." From the AP:

    Trust, or the lack thereof, has been an overriding issue in the business world and elsewhere since the financial collapse of 2008, said a forum organizer, Matt Scheckner.

    "If you wanted to pick a notable public figure in the eye of this trust storm," he said, "the governor is going to come up in the top three."


    Tuesday's forum is part of Advertising Week in New York. Participants include advertising firms that need to understand how to engender trust in people or products, Scheckner said.

    He said he felt Blagojevich could contribute to the conversation, and draw a crowd.

    The six other panelists include Microsoft's associate general counsel Mike Hintze, Yahoo! vice president Ann Toth, and Harvard Business School professor Nancy Koehn.

    Blagojevich spokesman Glenn Selig said the ex-governor's expertise would be as someone whose brand was tarnished by what Selig claims were false accusations by federal prosecutors.

    "The Rod Blagojevich brand was completely attacked and he went about restoring it - and did so successfully," Selig said.

    If by "successfully" you mean "by being convicted", yes.