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Woman Heckles Mayor at City Birthday Celebration

Chicago's mayor was at an event to celebrate the city's 177th birthday but one spectator wanted to talk about schools and children.

“Why can’t you celebrate some real, real good stuff in Chicago,” the woman shouted to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

She then turned the attention to city schools.

“Stop over-testing,” she said, as members of the crowd cheered lightly. “Stop making it rain with our tax dollars.”

Occupy Protestors Heckle Rahm

[CHI] Occupy Protestors Heckle Rahm
The Occupy protestors aren't making very many political friends these days. Protestors interupted Mayor Rahm Emanuel's remarks Monday at a news conference to announce new holiday lights in the Loop.
(Published Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011)

Emanuel was set to speak at the Mardi-Gras-themed event at Daley Plaza to celebrate Chicago’s 177th birthday and told the woman he would address her concerns after he finished celebrating the city’s birthday.

“Let me finish this part and then we’ll get to that,” he told the heckler.

But the woman continued.

“You should start worrying about every child, not just charter kids,” she said. “All of them.”

Emanuel told the crowd not to worry about the interruption and even chuckled during the woman’s speech.

This isn’t the first time hecklers have crashed Chicago’s birthday celebration.

During the city’s 175th birthday party at the Chicago History Museum, protesters attempted to turn attention to the closing of six mental health clinics in the city.

As the mayor stood beside a colorful birthday cake and the Chicago Children's Choir, protesters yelled that the closings make it harder for people to get help and ultimately cost lives.

Emanuel quickly left the room looking mildly insulted and without responding to anyone in the group.