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Opinion: Walsh Defends Race Remarks



    Maybe Rep. Joe Walsh, Tea Party-Ill., chose the wrong Congressional district to run in. Walsh is running in the 8th District, which encompasses Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. But after listening to his comments on this morning’s “Big John & Amy Show,” Walsh might be more qualified to run in the 2nd, the South Side district represented by Jesse Jackson Jr.

    Walsh was on the WIND talk show to defend the racial views he uttered at a Saturday town hall meeting in Schaumburg. Walsh told his audience that Democrats “want Hispanics to be dependent on government, just like they got African-Americans dependent on government.”

    During the five-minute interview, Walsh argued that he is a better advocate for minority interests than Jackson's father, the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

    “We are at a crucial point where so many Americans are dependent on government, and as someone like myself who’s worked in the inner city for years, I am genuinely concerned, because we have an opportunity to really try to do something for African-Americans and Hispanics in this country. It’s not Republicans that want to categorize and group people. Democrats want to make everybody dependent on government. What they tend to do is they tend to break people down according to group.”
    All Jesse Jackson is trying to do it to keep African-Americans down on some plantation. How come Jesse Jackson opposes school choice for inner-city African-American parents? How come he won’t give that ability to low-income black parents? Because he doesn’t want blacks, African-Americans to escape miserable public schools. He won’t give them that opportunity? Why? Because he wants them dependent and imprisoned in terrible public schools in the inner city.”

    Walsh then criticized Jackson for demanding that the killer of Trayvon Martin be charged with murder, while ignoring black-on-black crime in Chicago.

    “The Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons of the world go bananas during the Trayvon Martin shooting,” he said. “Forty shootings in the city of Chicago last weekend, Memorial Day weekend. Ten people killed. How come Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson weren’t marching the streets the next day.”

    “It was black-on-black crime,” host Amy Jacobson said. “Trayvon Martin was white on black.”

    "Exactly. They live off this racism industry. Blacks and Hispanics, like whites, like all of us, care about some basic, simple things: I want to work, I want to keep the house I have, and I want my kids to have a decent education.”

    Meanwhile, Walsh’s opponent, Tammy Duckworth, is trying to exploit his remarks on race. In an e-mail to supporters, Duckworth called Walsh’s comments “truly outrageous,” and asked for $10 to “to tell Joe Walsh his comments are truly unacceptable.”