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Study: More Moving Out of Illinois Than Moving In

NJ, Illinois and New York top three outbound moves for 2013



    In 2013, Illinois saw more residents move out of the state than move in, according to a study commissioned by mover United Van Lines.

    The 2013 National Migration Study by the nation’s largest household goods mover showed 61 percent of moves were outbound (out of Illinois) while only 39 percent of moves were inbound (to Illinois).

    At the national level, the study found a migration from Northeast states, such as New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, to more southern and western states such as the Carolinas, Oregon and Nevada.

    At 64 percent, New Jersey toped the high outbound list, continuing a run at the top spot for three out of the past four years. Illinois (61 percent) held steady at the number two spot after falling from the top spot in 2011. 
    The Top-9 list of outbound states for 2013:

    1. New Jersey
    2. Illinois
    3. New York
    4. West Virginia
    5. Connecticut
    6. Utah
    7. Kentucky
    8. Massachusetts
    9. New Mexico

    This year’s winner for most popular moving destination is Oregon, with 61 percent of moves to the state inbound ones. Good news, too, for Michigan, which appeared in the balanced category for 2013 after claiming the top outbound spot from 2006 to 2009.