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    It has come to Ward Room’s attention that Rahm Emanuel occasionally uses foul language.

    That’s nothing new in Chicago politics.

    According to lip readers, during the 1968 Democratic National Convention, Mayor Richard J. Daley responded to Sen. Abraham Ribicoff’s criticism of the police department’s “Gestapo” tactics by shouting an explitive-laced rant that included an anti-Semetic slur.

    And, of course, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich called President Obama’s former Senate seat “[bleeping] golden.”

    But Emanuel is said to be able to work the [Bleep] word into almost any sentence -- as a noun, a verb or a gerund. We haven’t heard it on the campaign trail, but just wait until he shuts the door of the mayor’s office behind him. Here is our Rahm-o-pedia, a list of Rahm’s favorite profanities, along with other legendary Rahm sayings.

    “[Bleep]nutsville”: Washington, D.C.

    “Knuckle[bleeper]-”: Knucklehead; a person who gets in Rahm’s way.

    “[Bleep] you. I love you.”: Rahm’s affectionate telephone sign-off.

    “Dead! Dead! Dead!”: What Rahm shouted as he plunged a steak knife into a table and named President Clinton’s enemies, at a dinner for Clinton staffers.

    “Rahmbo”: Rahm’s D.C. nickname, a portmanteau of Rahm and Rambo.

    “The Rahmfather”: Rahm’s Chicago nickname, because his height and mannerisms are eerily reminiscent of Michael Corleone.

    “Take your [bleeping] tampon out and tell me what you have to say”: Rahm’s avuncular way of encouraging a male White House staffer to be more assertive.

    “[Bleep] the UAW”: Rahm’s attitude toward organized labor, as displayed during the auto bailout.

    “[Bleeping] retarded”: What Rahm called a liberal group that complained President Obama’s health care reform bill didn’t go far enough.

    “Uncle Rahmmy”: Rahm’s nickname for himself.

    “Undersecretary for Go [Bleep] Yourself”: A nameplate Rahm kept on the credenza in his White House office, a gift from his brothers.

    “The son of the devil’s spawn“: Rep. Eric Massa’s assessment of Rahm, who lobbied him in the shower of the Congressional gym. Massa later blamed Rahm for orchestrating the sexual harassment charges that forced him to resign.

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