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Loons Loose in Dirksen?



    Loons Loose in Dirksen?
    Blago Lawyers Prepare Defense |
    Lawyers defending ex-governor Rod Blagojevich began to prepare their case after prosecution rested Tuesday. Blago's lawyers say they plan to call him as a witness as soon as possible.

    Judge James Zagel revealed today that an agitated caller phoned his chamber July 19, asking about the procedure for observing the trial of former governor Rod Blagojevich.

    Zagel said the caller asked if he could "speak up at the end of the trial day".  Zagel said the person further told his secretary that he thought the judge had been unfair.

    Zagel's secretary said she thought the caller was phoning from inside the courthouse, and thought he had called before ranting about "the unfairness of the tapes."

    Zagel said he had heard from another citizen who felt the FBI had the ability to make "perfect reproductions of other people's voices on tapes."

    Zagel said a letter was recently addressed to all judges in the building, from a person "who is often challenged in a variety of ways." He said that woman said Blagojevich has told her to go to the Thompson building and get a check for $200,000.