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Why Blago Should Step Out of the Spotlight



    Why Blago Should Step Out of the Spotlight
    Cindy Barrymore

    You know those stars who refuse to leave the spotlight? They get plastic surgery, work on projects beneath their stature and court the attention of papparazzi. Rod Blagojevich is one of them now.

    Rather than going gentle into that good night of obscurity, Blago clings desperately to his fading relevance. This morning he sat in as host of a WLS radio show. It's about as becoming as Kenny Rogers' facelift.

    If you were headed to prison, you might try to soak up all the time you could with your family. 

    Not ol' Blago. He swarms a microphone the way a fly swarms fresh horse plop.  It's embarrassing behavior for an adult.

    "I miss talking to the people, explaining to them about really goes on and what they can do about it," Blagojevich said.

    The people don't miss you. Please hop on the nearest sled to obscurity and don't come back.

    When you're there, say hello to Max Headroom, the Noid and ALF. We miss those guys.