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Guzzardi Concedes to Berrios



    Will Guzzardi, who finished 125 votes behind Rep. Toni Berrios in the March 20 primary, has finally conceded the election.

    Monday was the last day to challenge the results in Circuit Court. Guzzardi uncovered evidence of what he claimed were fraud and irregularities -- including a Berrios campaign worker carrying off a polling list -- but his attorney did not think the evidence was strong enough to convince a judge to overturn the election.

    Guzzardi issued this statement: 

    Over seven months of campaigning, we built a grassroots movement to challenge the entrenched politics in our city. We knocked on more than 30,000 doors. We had more than 8,400 conversations with voters. And we inspired thousands of people to set aside their cynicism, to overcome apathy, to believe in the promise of better politics in this state.
    I hope the result of this election serves as a reminder to all of us that no matter how dysfunctional our government may seem, it is never immune to the will of the people. We can always make our voices heard.
    If we are firm in our convictions, and willing to fight for them, then no opponent is too powerful, no machine is invulnerable.
    I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported us along the way - by volunteering your time, making a donation, or just sending along a kind thought or an encouraging word.
    Together, we stunned the political world here in Chicago. And we couldn't have done it without you.
    For my part, I'll be spending my time continuing to work and organize right here in our neighborhood. While the election is over, the fight for progress in our neighborhoods - for better schools and safer streets, for smart economic development and honest government - is as urgent as ever. I urge you to join me in continuing that fight.
    More to come soon, and until then, my sincerest gratitude.

    It’s a smart move by Guzzardi. He is only 24 years old. The “more to come soon” sign-off indicates he expects to have a future in Chicago politics. Guzzardi nearly defeated the daughter of the chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party, despite having lived in Chicago for only two years. He obviously has potential. And he has obviously built a strong platform from which to run against Berrios again. But he wouldn’t have a future if he ended his first campaign with an unprecedented election challenge. He’d just be a sore loser.   

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