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Get to Know Your Ward: 49th Ward



    Get to Know Your Ward: 49th Ward

    NBC Chicago and Ward Room bring you profiles on all 50 wards this election season. As candidates face off in the Feb. 24 election, they are also facing a new ward map, which takes effect when the winners assume office.

    In this profile, learn all about the 49th ward, which covers most of Rogers Park.


    • Total Population: 55,895
    • White: 38.81 percent
    • Black: 27.63 percent
    • Hispanic: 24.07 percent
    • Asian: 7.5 percent (Source: WBEZ)

    Ward 49

    Current Alderman: Joe Moore

    Ward Committeemen: Suzanne Devane (republican committeeman) and Robert Rudner (Green Party committeeman). David Fagus, now deceased, served as the democratic committeeman for 20 years. The seat is now vacant.

    Who Else is Running: John Beacham (removed), Connie Gates-Brown (removed), Don Gordon, Grady Humphrey (removed) and Nathan Myers (removed)

    Adjectives that Describe the Ward: Diverse, quirky and relatively dangerous in some spots

    Economic Engine: Loyola University Chicago is located in the 49th ward and provides many jobs for people in the community.

    Where People Eat: Restaurants include Luzzat, Caribbean American Baking, Ethiopian Diamond II, Restaurante Cuetzala Gro, Kizin Creole, Romanian Kosher Sausage, Nueva Italy Pizzeria, Heartland Cafe, The Growling Rabbit, El Famous Burrito, La Cazuela, Green Spirit, Masouleh andGrande Noodles and Sushi Bar.

    Where People Drink: Bars include R Public House, Lighthouse Tavern, Mayne Stage, Rogers Park Fine Wines, Oasis and The Glenwood.

    Where People Pray: Churches and places of worship include Apostolic Catholic Assyrian, St. Paul’s Church by the Lake, United Church of Rogers Park, Many Peoples Church, Mision Cristiana Elim, Rogers Park Baptist Church and Unification Church.

    How the Ward Typically Votes: Joe Moore has represented the 49th ward since 1991. In 2007, Moore won 52 percent of the vote, defeating Don Gordon in a runoff. In 2011, Moore won 72 percent of the vote, defeating Brian White (28 percent).

    Landmark: Loyola University

    Resident's Voice: The owner of The Growling Rabbit said, "I think we have a fair bit of business in the neighborhood and a community that's really involved. The biggest issue is there's nothing for the kids." She said there aren't enough positive activities for kids to do, especially in the summer.

    Ward Expert: Kimberly Bares, former executive director of the Rogers Park Business Alliance