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Dick Cheney's Advice for Emanuel



    Dick Cheney's Advice for Emanuel

    As Rahm Emanuel readied to become President Barack Obama's chief of staff in 2008, Dick Cheney passed along a little advice.

    "Whatever you do, make sure you’ve got the vice president under control," Cheney writes in his new memoir, "In My Time," hitting bookshelves Tuesday.

    Cheney apparently gave Emanuel that friendly tidbit during a meeting hosted by then-chief of staff Josh Bolten during the Bush administration's last weeks in office.

    Former chiefs of staff all offered their two cents to Emanuel, Cheney writes. "By this time, of course, there’d been years of stories about how I was the evil genius controlling the Bush administration from behind a curtain."

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    So naturally Cheney told Emanuel to keep the VP in check.

    He says in the book it was one of his "better lines."