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Opinion: Wait a Sec! Dan Rutherford IS Running For Governor



    Just yesterday, Ward Room brought you the news that Dan Rutherford is running for governor. Our scoop, which we reported in a post entitled “Dan Rutherford Is Running For Governor,” was based on the fact that Rutherford is state treasurer, and state treasurers always run for higher office.

    Well, this morning at 8:41 a.m., on WIND’s “Big John & Amy Show,” host John Howell asked Rutherford whether the news is true. Is he running for governor? Rutherford demurred, saying he’ll make a decision “in the early part of 2013.” But less than two hours later, at 10:22 a.m., Rutherford retweeted Ward Room’s post, and asked his followers to share their thoughts on his Facebook page.

    Rutherford has already received dozens of encouraging responses to his unannounced (except by Ward Room) candidacy for the governorship:

    Dale from Beardstown -- If You do, You'll have my un-dying support!  

    Jason from Eddyville -- You know, sometimes you make your destiny, and sometimes your destiny finds you. There is a little of both at play here, and it shows that in a state where we haven't had strong Republican leaders for some time, when you lead by example....people will notice and start to follow. Becoming Governor is just a natural evolution of strong leadership. Strong moral leadership lends itself to these speculations, keep leading, be true to your beliefs, and people will follow.

    Rocky from Springfield -- SOMEONE HAS TO GET THIS STATE BACK IN ORDER!!! DAN'S THE MAN !!!

    Beth from Pontiac -- I bet you'd make a great Governor. At least you are level-headed and realize the people of this state are going broke just trying to pay for all the mistakes if some of our former governors!!! We need real people that know what its like to have to earn a buck to survive. With all the industry, agriculture and resources Illinois has, we SHOULD NOT be a high cost-of-living state!! Go for it Dan!!!

    Nina from Chicago -- What a mess to take on,,,,,, if anyone can do it with honesty, integrity, transparency it would be you! So,, I'll cast my vote for you!!!!

    It sounds as though someone really wants to run for governor -- and is using a Ward Room blog post to build a network of supporters. Just last month, Ward Room handicapped the 2014 governor’s race, making Rutherford the 5-2 favorite. We just want to point out that the Dan Rutherford for Governor bandwagon started right here on this page. 

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