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Daley Outlines "Responsible Gun Ownership" Plan



    Daley: We Will Never Give in to Gun Violence

    Mayor Daley explains the new gun ownership regulations while chiding Chicagoans for allowing the gun culture to flourish. (Published Thursday, July 1, 2010)

    In response to the Supreme Court's ruling that returned Chicago's gun ban law to the lower court, Mayor Daley today outlined a new "Responsible Gun Ownership" ordinance for the city.

    Highlights of the new ordinance include:

    • following DC ordinance and registration of no more than one handgun per month,
    • two step process to own and register
    • no ownership for anyone convicted of a violent crime
    • no ownership for anyone with 2 or more DUIs
    • no ownership for anyone convicted on a domestic violence charge
    • bans assault weapons
    • bans gun shops
    • requires firearms safety training
    • requires city firearms permit, state FOI card and registration with the Chicago Police Department
    The City Council Police and Fire Committee today quickly approved the regulations. City council will meet Friday July 2 to debate and vote on the ordinance.

    "We are a country of laws and should never be a country of guns," Daley said.  "I encourage the council to act quickly."

    Speaking passionately, Daley reiterated his claim that it's easier to get a gun than a driver's license. Daley also advocated for "immunity for first responders-fire and police," and argued that penalties for youths should be strengthened to discourage teenage violence.