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Chicago City Council: Margaret Laurino

It's been decades since a Laurino hasn't been 39th Ward Alderman.



    Chicago City Council: Margaret Laurino
    Margaret Laurino has been the 39th Ward Alderman since 1994.

    Laurino comes from a family with a long history in Chicago politics. Yet the 39th Ward alderman has been significantly less controversial than her father (see below) and can claim a slew of accomplishments on her city council mantle. She currently chairs the Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety.

    A lifelong resident of Chicago, Laurino grew up on the city's Northwest Side and graduated from Northeastern Illinois University. Her father, Anthony Laurino served as 39th ward alderman for nearly three decades, but a year after he retired he was indicted by federal investigators on a ghost-payrolling scheme that had involved a number of family members. Laurino was appointed by former Mayor Richard M. Daley to replace her father in 1994, upon his retirement.

    The Ward:
    The 39th includes the neighborhoods of Albany Park, Sauganash, and Mayfair. The ward is ethnically diverse including a large number of residents from Latin America, primarily Mexico and Guatemala. The population of the ward has increased by 16.5 percent in the last decade due to its immigrant attraction.

    The Office:
    Laurino chaired the Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development, spearheading initiatives to expand high speed internet for all city residents and more recently, to ban texting while bicycling. In her ward, Laurino lobbied city officials for a new police station and has received millions of dollars to resurface city streets.


    Pedestrian and Traffic Safety, Chairman
    Budget and Government Operations
    Committees, Rules and Ethics
    Education and Child Development
    Workforce Development and Audit
    Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards