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Blagojevich: "I Feel Like I Failed."



    Blagojevich: "I Feel Like I Failed."
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    On the morning after Barack Obama was elected President, Rod Blagojevich was depressed.

    "The President of the United States is someone I know, but I'm in a bad place," he says.. "I feel like I failed."

    Talking to political advisor Doug Scofield, Blagojevich laments what might have been.

    "There's nothing I coulda done about Obama, nothing right? Keep him from speaking at the convention... I mean you've got this historic (EXPLETIVE) demigod!"

    Scofield said Blagojevich saw Obama's success as only limiting his further Presidential aspirations. At one point the governor says that had he run, he would have been only "one more white guy in Iowa."

    "There was a level of jealousy and anger," Scofield said.

    Still, on the undercover tape, Blagojevich tried to look on the bright side.

    "My upward mobility doesn't look so good right now," he says. "But it's a funny business. "