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Blago Prosecutors Turn to MSNBC



    Blago Prosecutors Turn to MSNBC
    Frederick M. Brown
    MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow interviewed Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich near the end of his two-day media tour of New York.

    The Blagojevich prosecutors are seeking to introduce an appearance by the former governor from January 27, 2009, on MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow Show."

    The prosecutors want to play the tape, to prove that Blagojevich should have know that his activities were improper.

    In the interview, Maddow asks Blagojevich, "Do you agree, that it would be wrong, it would be criminal, for you to try to exchange Barack Obama's senate seat .. for something that would be of value to you?"

    "Oh absolutely," Blagojevich said. Then, seeking clarification he asks, "A personal, you know, one for the other personal gain?"

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    "Yeah," Maddow says.

    "Absolutely," Blagojevich replies.

    "And you didn't do that?"

    "Absolutely not," he said.


    (READ THE FULL SHOW TRANSCRIP HERE. SCROLL TO 6:20 in above video for segment.)

    Prosecutors say they need to play that tape to "rebut the defendant's defense that he did not realize the nature of his conduct, and that he had 'no idea' he could not do what he did."