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Blago Looking Effin' Golden for Halloween



    Blago Looking Effin' Golden for Halloween
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    Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is all alone.

    Still looking for an effin' golden  Halloween costume this Halloween?

    You may want to consider dressing up as the former ousted Governor, Rod Blagojevich. The crooked governor's face will be everywhere this October 31st.

    "The governor's mask is outselling everything," says Fantasy Costumes owner George Garcia. "One day last week we sold about 38 to 40 masks in a day. But normally we average about 15-25 in a day and we also sell two versions of the wig."

    Chicago Costume manager, Erin Hickey, agrees that the Blago costume fad is taking off this year. They carry the Official Illinois Big Wig in their store.

    "The Blago costume has been doing very well this year and we've seen higher sales than last year," say Hickey.

    The Blago Halloween craze does not end there either, Chicago's Piggery is hosting "Blagoween," Oct. 30 and giving cash prizes said to be "Foinkin' golden" for the best costume and Blago costume.  While only one impersonator will walk away with 250 bucks, everyone is invited to pig out on free food.

    It's a great excuse to borrow your Uncle's bad toupee or even buy the wig on-line.  If you're really running short (or cheap, we won't judge) on time you can use a cut out the Huffington Post featured last year.