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Please Don't Taint Jury Pool While Blago Taints Jury Pool



    Please Don't Taint Jury Pool While Blago Taints Jury Pool

    Blagojevich wants it both way, prosecutors said today.

    He doesn't want the prosecution to release the Santiago Proffer, the document that outlines their case against him, because it could potentially taint the jury pool against him.

    In their response, the prosecution nearly ridiculed the argument.

    "Notwithstanding the recent airing of a national television show in which he repeatedly claimed his innocence, Rod Blagojevich now argues that he would be unfairly prejudiced by the publication of the actual evidence that will be heard at his trial," the prosecutors said.

    Blagojevich, who you may have seen shaking dozens of hands on the Celebrity Apprentice while remarking "Hi, Rod Blagojevich: Innocent of all charges," is only a fan of his brand of taint, it seems.

    His lawyers argue that releasing the details of the case against him would represent a one-sided view of the case, as if everyone hasn't made up their minds about the former Illinois Chief Executive.

    Blago's brother's attorney, Michael E. Ettinger, filed court papers Monday saying the proffer should remain under seal or if it's not, should be made public in its entirety. Ettinger called the document an inaccurate account of the FBI's secretly recorded tapes of the former governor's conversations and reports of witness interviews.

    Prosecutors dismissed defense claims that the document represents a one-sided account.

    "In fact, the government has provided an accurate description of the evidence it expects to present at trial, and neither defendant substantiated any assertion to the contrary, calling into question their ability to do so," they said.