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Is Ironman Kreutz's Starting Streak in Jeopardy?



    Brett Favre won't be the only ironman at Soldier Field on Sunday.  Bears Center Olin Kreutz, who has started 126 consecutive games in a Bears uniform, will also be there.

    But will he play?

    Kreutz hasn't practiced all week because he's been hampered by a hamstring injury.  Guard Lance Louis took snaps at Center instead, threatening continuity on the struggling offensive line, and the starting streak by Kreutz.

    The possibility of changing the offensive line once again doesn't make Lovie Smith happy.

    "Not having your quarterback, not having your center, everything starts with him he touches the ball first"  head coach Lovie Smith said after practice Thursday.  "All different calls that he makes it would definitely knock us a step back without him being out there."

    But, Smith who doesn't usually talk in-depth about injuries, was quick to point out they expect their captain to play Sunday against Minnesota.

    "We feel like we're going to have our center" Smith interrupted one reporter asking about a backup. "We're almost sure we're going to have him, if I was a betting man we'll have him!" 

    Which almost ensures Kreutz will make his 127th consecutive start in a Bears uniform come Sunday.

    "It seems like every game I've been here" Smith remarked about his Center's continuity.  "Some guys seem to show up each Sunday, and you can definitely say that about Olin Kreutz."